1. Hey man thanks for the video. Your guest is a big dumb goober. Who thinks it's a good idea to get high around kids. Obviously you want to be high cuz kids are a lot. But you sneak away and get high like a man. Not to mention the fact those kids are under 25 so their brains are still developing. Exhaling that stuff in their breathing space might make them vote for the wrong party. I'm sure you're a cool person. Just maybe exercise some reason next time. You want anyone smoking around your kids? I let me guess you already smoke around your kids? Are you from Florida by chance?

  2. Man, CBD is the new love of my life! it helped me so much to change and to make things better! It helped my wife and I
    She has major depression and anxiety. and I am full of pain.
    We take CBD oil and our life is much better now! Oil and good grass^^
    Issue is delivery and finding good and trustworthy sellers. Also we aren't in USA like most of you.. Europe power and only plantandhemp.com deliver here with a good quality and cheap! Does Joe has a favorite brand? that deliver in europe?

  3. Complains that the police are arresting people for smoking weed out in the open and pissing in public. Even if you think both should be legal at least make SOME attempt to not flaunt it in front of the public. Or go to San Francisco where smoking weed, pissing, shitting, and dropping your needles in the street is all legal. Its laws like these that separate us from the animals.

  4. I have cerebral palsy with severe muscle spasm’s and I find that CBD is incredibly helpful in relieving my pain and stiffness and muscular tension. Also I’ve noticed after taking two drops in the morning I’ve gone from working out at the gym maybe once to twice a week to five times a week.

    100% pure Cannabis Oil extracted from top quality marijuana, laboratory tested
    We do the extraction method that Rick Simpson recommends using a full plant extraction with food grade ethanol alcohol method to bring you the finest quality of Cannabis Oil available, Discreet deliveries worldwide ,TOP QUALITY STRAINS AVAILABLE,you can write us at cureshop42o@gmail.com or +1(510) 646 0488 {WHATSAPP / CALL / TEXT } or website – https://cureshop420.com to place an order

  6. I actually didn’t ever experience anxiety until AFTER I quit smoking weed. I smoked every day for 7 years. And I take stupid as addicting doctors drugs for my anxiety and panic attacks now but I get people suggesting I try CBD for my anxiety all the time. The last time I smoked weed weed had the worst panic attack of my life and ended up in the hospital. So the whole idea of marijuana and anything to do with it scared the shit out of me. And that’s why I haven’t tried CBD yet. Someone educate me without insulting my ignorance please

  7. I would re-emphasize that anyone trying CBD should make sure the company you're purchasing from can provide 3rd party lab reports to ensure the potency and safety of their product. Unfortunately, there's a lot of junk out there so do your research!

  8. I did a 3 month trial of non thc cbd, I do not smoke weed or anything, I am autistic so am prone to anxiety due to that but I did not take it for that, started it because of joint pain. The things I was not expecting as far as awesome "side effects" is more what I dove into. It actually is awesome! A must try.

  9. I've been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression, social anxiety etc etc etc. I started taking cbd a few months ago and it works wonders. Helps me sleep, helps with pain, helps calm me down.

  10. CBD is awesome and has many benefits. To learn more check out the curated CBD marketplace called TruPotency if you use SKYLERFRIEND you will receive 20% off also. They post all third party lab results on the product pages.

  11. CBD does in fact work for inflammation. That's why its becoming so big for athletes. Anyways you gotta make sure you get the real stuff, cbdMD is the best brand, and they offer 15% off coupon using CBDMD15OFF

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