1. i read these comments before i viewed this video. i thought about how i would respond for about 30 minutes now. i'm not going to debate the facts, or argue what i know. take what i'm about to say and use this information to educate yourself. Because a lot of you..and people just like you all over these Elvis videos in the comment section – don't know a damn thing about Elvis Presley or anything actually worth knowing SO WHY say it? Don't be so hasty..with all your know it all ism..because YOU could have been told WRONG. i say told because NOTHING you have said can be verified. lets start with FACTS shall we. think about my questions, go research the correct answers before you attempt to debate me, and consider why and how i would know anything i'm telling you here. 1.WHY if Elvis slept with ALL these women..did he only help conceive only one child? 2. When did Elvis have time to sleep with all these women Answers: 1. because he only preferred oral sex. 2. elvis in concert dot com will provide a time table. and you tell me when Elvis had the time. 3. how much sex can one man have under the influence of all them pills? NONE..the guy was comatose for the majority of his available time 4. Men in general WERE NOT ELVIS FANS..not till after he died Fact not opinion. 5. Elvis paid his former school mates to be his friend..including in Public Fact not opinion 6. image is one thing, Stardom is another both linked Elvis to a persona that even HE disliked by the end of his LIFE 7. in 1968 Elvis walked down a crowded L.A. street with the director of the 68 come back special..and NOT ONE person recognized him – Fact not opinion 8. Elvis's namesake and likeness became more important and Profitable than Elvis Presley himself, even he became aware of this a little too late. 9. for some reason unknown the concert in Hawaii the 1973 Aloha From Hawaii Elvis was in tip top condition. was in great shape and mentally sharp WHAT HAPPENED after 1973? the Book..by his Body guards Elvis What Happened mentally fucked Elvis up..to the point he blinded himself beneath Rainbows basically..blocking out the outside world..he was hurt that the World now knew the truth about Elvis. 10. not even ELVIS the man could live up to Elvis the image..he couldn't fit the shoes no more, so he faked it- with the help of everyone around him. i love Elvis's music.. but i can Not stand Elvis the image, or Elvis for sale in Memphis. the Elvis we all know love and the Cool Cat we all wanted to be like..is Alive and very Cool in them songs. Elvis hated them movies..not at first, but eventually he came to dislike them movies to the point he refused to talk about them. now he did cherish one movie (i let you discover that one) When the Topic of Elvis comes up Keep It Real And Not Real Fake..because all Elvis ever wanted was to be accepted with faults and with out faults and as Fans we miss that nail when we swing our hammer. and once you accept these facts i pointed out- Elvis will finally become Real to you and not some made up bullshit that is passed down from generation to generation..lets pass down Real Talk, Real Elvis..because listen…Elvis was human, like you and i are..except Elvis was special and was the Entertainer. That Memphis Mafia crap was just boys being boys..when elvis tried to distance himself away from that..he was forced back into it even at a faster rate. think about like this, if the big 3 car manufactures made a vehicle worth while..they would be out of business. one last thing, and this really pisses me off..Elvis bought a Ranch for him and his new wife to spend their honeymoon at Called the Circle G Ranch with horses and the whole 9 yards and for a brief moment Elvis LOVED Life..till his Daddy was caught taking Elvis's money..once a thief? you got it..Always a thief. Vernon is real damn Lucky Elvis didn't beat his Ass or sue him, and he should have. the only way to get in touch with Elvis with out all this drama..and side show bob crap…is in them Songs. Specially them 70s tunes. Godspeed and T.C.E. take care of Elvis. let that be your motto.

  2. Larry Gellar comes off like a flake to me. It amazes me how fans and people who never knew Elvis act like they know what he was like to know these men that were around him were in it for the money I don't think so, Col. took 50% of what Elvis made. Most of the original Memphis are now dead R.I.P.

  3. This is the most touching documentary I have ever watched. These men obviously truly cared for Elvis as well as had his back; genuine caring and love of the man, the person, not the superstar. And it takes a strong, stable, secure man to be at ease with their own love/ high regard for a man. And every single one of these guys has that. That is exponentially rare, especially for all of them to have. And with Elvis for Elvis; not with Elvis for self gain, as is the norm, so common it's predictable. These guys are absent of that. You can tell just listening and watching them speak. And talk about loyalty! It would be a high honor to have just ONE friend as close, as loyal, as dedicated, as caring and genuine, as every single one of these men were toward Elvis. It's a shame intervention attempts were met with such intense resistance to the point of being fired. Sad really, celebrity status to that extent is a no-win situation. Sure, great wealth is had but look at where that wealth went — the Colonel's gambling addiction. Patethic. That SOB should have been terminated long ago and one of his mafia pals managing him. However, Elvis had what no sum of money can buy, and that which is more valuable than all his wealth: these deep, genuine relationships. Nothing is more important. At least he had that, which is quite a lot. An A+ video. My only complaint is that it was only an hour long … could watch such a video for 5 hours.

  4. Larry cracks me up the crazy ways he talks about Elvis I believe alot of these guys were unworthy of his friend ship. I believe Elvis Presley knew all these guys he hung around we're only there for the fun a the money I believe when he got older he began to see the writing on the wall. Elvis presley always was a loner.

  5. I think he was still alive. Elvis could get anything he wanted. This could have easily been pulled off by the group he had around and the doctors in his backpocket. He had to seperate himself from his bad health, greedy manager, and his financial troubles. He knew he would make more dead than alive. Either it was set up for him to die behind closed doors at home or after he had the heart attack there was a gathering at the hospital and a decision was made to fake his death. Maybe this isnt how it went, but the more you think about it.

  6. North Memphis later BECAME a rough black neighborhood, but when Elvis lived there, it was a white working class poorer neighborhood. Even though he lived in a housing project, it was white. projects were even segregated in Memphis back then. My mom was raised in North Memphis and went to high school with Elvis, though she graduated 3 years before he did.

  7. I think elvis was a smart man if he did not want Larry gellar in the group he would have told him I think some if these guys were a little jealous of Larry put it this way I did not see him writing any books about elvis spilling his guts with bad things about elvis like sonny and red

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