Dangerous WEED Epidemic in Chile (Insider Look) | FULL DOCUMENTARY

This educational documentary explores the toxic marijuana epidemic in Chile – particularly drugs such as “cripy” and “porro”. Spanish Version: …


  1. A lot of love went into this film, so I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it. This has definitely opened new doors, and I'm incredibly excited to see how this path unfolds. This journey has been fascinating to say the least, and I'm so grateful to have you amazing people who have been with us all this time. It warms my heart knowing how many people are willing to contribute to our vision and making authentic content about subjects that many shy away from.

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  2. It's always funny watching and listening to people who don't know how to grow weed talk about how they think weed is grown. They think adding toxic mystery chemicals raises THC and that's the magic. That's some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard. Look up what the flushing cycle is as per growing marijuana. For god sakes educate yourself a bit, LOL!

  3. I think theres alot of exaggeration in this video … I've smoked tons of cripy when I lived in Colombia and theres nothing wrong with it, its pretty decent weed actually … what they are calling "porro" just looks like low quality bush weed

  4. You should look into"Nyaope" it's a similar concept to porro and chipy but it's a white powder, made up of HIV medication, rat poison and detergents and it's usually sprinkled onto marijuana, highly addictive, and it's prevelant in Durban, South Africa. Great documentary btw Tom, keep it up

  5. Good video Tom but the subtitles are fucked up. A mix of english and spanish I'm guessing. This ruined the video for me so I gave up not even half way through because I can't understand. It's a shame cause it's interesting stuff :/

  6. In Germany the guys cut the weed with a little bit of heroin powder or a oily mixed heroin hash and it's hard to find out because its 90% same looking . !! And they are venomous than the cripy or whatever the Chilean called this weed one . You also can to get a A++ clean weed like the dispensary weeds but you need connections and need to buy more !! The most cutted weed are from lazarett at Albania . They shipping weed to Germany and the German underworld cut the weed and it makes me very angry!!

    German are the biggest smoking weed countries!!!

  7. Yaa que tanta wea si te negai a un sucio cripi no te mereces mi respeto prrits tu y tus piscolas y tus billetes con los que te limpia el hoyo no harán que cambie mis cripi y mis porritos

  8. In a college party I was dumb enough to smoke pot from a suposedly friend without seeing he grind that shit before my eyes. Turns out I smoke crack weed, because when I think about that night, not even that asshole was really inhaling his own weed. Ok, so in the next couple of days I became extremely paranoid and anxious – not only because the use per se of the drug, but mostly because the abstinence effect going on that I wasn't even aware of. Alright, so on the final day of that bad trip I've got an urge to exorcise my parents (lol Freud, are you there?) with a Bible in hands, on my knees and yelling top of my lungs the beginning verses of Genesis – three o'clock in the morning, waking up the whole neighbornhood. Long story short: Got myself two days in a loony bin. It sounds funny now that I remember the thing, and if any, is another cool and bizarre story that I can tell my friends I had experienced, but make no mistake because it's a powerful lesson too: first, trust only your parents; second, don't do drugs and third, if you do smoke pot you better watch that motherfucker friend grind the life out of those leafs.

  9. from 23:35 to 25:21 this guy basically gives the best description I have ever heard of what addiction to cannabis really is about. Especially about how confusing it becomes – because when you are high you have a sense of clarity and it gives you this weird reflection about what you're doing in life, so when you smoke you realise you would really benefit from quitting weed, then when you aren't high all you want to do is smoke and you can find a million reasons to justify it. It should definitely be legal and regulated, it's way safer than alcohol, but with how normalised it is today it becomes so easy to become totally reliant on it. That said, it's an incredible medicine for some people that drastically improves their quality of life. And, for some people who are at a point in their life where they do feel they need some kind of artificial happiness, smoking weed won't exactly help the situation but it's certainly the shinier turd compared to other options. But it's all about context. While alcohol can be really destrctive, there are also thousands of responsible drinkers, and conniseurs who see it as a hobby and go for quality over quantity. The same should be available for weed, hopefully in the future in any civilised country there'll be an industry of growers, cannabis clubs, dispensaries. Whether people like it or not there's already a market for weed, and it should be safely regulated for recreational use, to take power from cartels, to reduce risk of addiction, to regulate pesticide use, and to distance it from harder drugs.

  10. This is the exact same scenario in India, though India's Himalayan region is believed to be the origin of marijuana. But there are places where some top-notch shit is grown but by the time it gets to the cities, the pot gets spiked with harmful chemicals. We're living in the same timeline as the western's but still, we're unable to smoke the 2019's hybrid shit like purple haze, gorilla glue, jack herrer

  11. The format of your "documentary" is good, the content is questionable, how much of it is true?? , I'd say that the amount of ppl who do smoke creepy and therefore is addicted to it is negligible. I do not know in what kind of social situation your interviewees live but their English seems quite good, far above average for sure so it is hard to believe what he says, kids doing pills?? people smoking weed because Pinochet's government? What the fuck?? who the fuck smoke weed because of that?? I mean there are still some ppl who lingers on that subject but I can assure you that if they smoke they don't do it because of something that happened decades ago. Damn this video got me riled up, so much deception if you want to show weed like that then go to a real low income neighborhood and see how is in reality, marihuana addiction?? what the fuck is that??? you mean creepy addiction?? Just change your title, current one is deceptive as fuck, insane toxic marihuana epidemic HAHAHAHA what a bunch of crap.

  12. I started smoking weed at 12 yo. That was in the late 70s, when weed was weaker, but still plenty potent and no additives. I must have gotten high nearly 500 times during my teens. I don't encourage cannabis use before 21 yo, but I think young brains are much more resilient than people think…just like every other part of a young body. It may have stunted me in some way, but I'm pretty sure I would score higher on an IQ test than the majority of the population.

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