Debate over federal marijuana legalization continues as several states move forward with hopes of making weed accessible for medical and recreational use.


  1. have anyone on this panel been to majijuanna growing farms? most mass growers are white. we as black people are usually the consumers, not the producers. the drug dealer on the conner, didnt grow the weed he sells. so sure we need opportunities, but lets not make it sound as if we are the producers of marijuanna and that ability is being stripped from us.

  2. I haven started the video yet, but I just want to say If alcohol, a substance that can kill you if you have to much all at once or over a long period time can be legalized, then I think my homie bud can get of the list too. It take a lot of weed to try and harm yourself, but you're more likely to fair from laced shit, rather than the weed itself. But that's just my thoughts, people demonize what they don't understand or like.
    Try it and go from there, or don't and go about your life. That concludes my Ted talk

  3. I hope they make a part 2! Very informative group here! Unfortunately, racism does play a factor in all of this. Not just politically, but socially. I'm a 39 year old lesbian. When I was about 20 I briefly dated a white chic and I started smoking weed daily. This conversation came up and she had the audacity to criminalize, in her mind, people who sell weed…even tho she supported dope boys cuz I was with her when she bought it! It's no coincidence that all of the dope boys she bought weed from was black. I was with her when she did it! So…somewhere in her flawed logic, it was alright to buy and smoke it but not sell it. Needless to say I broke up with her shorty after and I never dated a white girl after that….and I wasn't even "woke" then. I just knew she was being hypocritical and that it probably had something to do with race.

  4. I don’t believe anyone should be locked up over having weed or anything but I do not think that it is right the people are making it seem like smoking weed is okay because it’s not, it has horrible affects and I have suffered and still sometimes suffer from the trauma of how I felt when I was around weed and smoked it one time it is a drug bottom line and it can mess up your brain and to me that is a problem it doesn’t “calm” everyone it can have a negative effect of some people as it did myself

  5. Jimmy always want you to see what else was happening around the time when black ppl are being targeted. Uncle Tom behavior 🧐 I’ve just watched 3 videos where he says this.

  6. govern=mind ment=control.
    Government should be drastically minimalized..they should not be a corporation, nor should
    we human beings be referred to a corporate entity as well.
    A Federal govts. job should entail a legal Federal sound currency, and a DEFENSIVE military..not
    an invader. No more , no less. Tells us how overly inflated our governments are ..
    wtf up people

  7. This episode def needs a part 2. I really appreciate how informative the panel was on this topic.

    I make & sell my own jewelry, but lately I have had the desire to transition into the cbd portion with vape oil and pens. Specifically for the medicinal benefits. I live in DC, so it’s somewhat legal, but I do like the idea of owning weed stocks

  8. Black people as a whole will never benefit from legalizing marijuana or any other such thing. Plus they want us high so they can keep power! Y’all are too biased. When something is illegal & you do it anyway You don’t deserve reparations if it is made legal at a later date

  9. But if weed gets legalized this gang shit in our communities got to go. It's no point in having gangs fighting about who selling on which block.. Wal-Mart and Kroger are both competing for customers and same goes for every other business. I'm tired of people dying for drugs/gang related violence. Wish that was mentioned.

  10. Natasha's commentary is so full of hypocrisy. She doesn't believe and support the legal prison system, but she practices law…but she can't see how we can infiltrate this industry for our benefit or how important it is that we be at the table.

  11. Can you list the resources that you wanted to promote. Would love to contribute! ex: (extra haze?) media outlets, magazines, Micro business people’s dispensary’s.

  12. It could have been a good opportunity to invite folks like Charlo Greene or folks at The Minority Cannabis Industry Association. A South African friend of mine met the latter group member in Lesotho where there is a bug push in Southern Africa in general. After decades of Activism from Traditional healers and Rastafaris alike guess who are getting licensing for commercialisation and scientific research…Not Black Africans. The conversation is on a global scale, Indigenous and Black Latinos are also dealing with the same in the res of The Americas and Caribbean.

  13. The infamous "War On Drugs" has so many ramifications in the Americas and worldwide with the Iran-contra. Show you the extent of which consecutive U.S. governments are capable of in order to criminalise Black & Brown People and remove their agency in the U.S. and abroad. They illegally sold weapons to Iran then funnel the cash to sponsor paramilitaries militias to topple democratically elected leaders in South America by buying drugs which would then flood Black communities with crack cocaine. It was a set up from the get go. The history of Cannabis and hemp is the same, it informs you on the core racism,hyper capitalist, oligopolies making in the U.S. None of it happened out of nothing. It was a carefully propped up system,perpetuated throughout different presidencies.

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